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  1. How do I create a Teacher Job Network Account?

  2. How do I create a Certified Application?

  3. How do I create an Administrative Application?

  4. How do I create an Classified Application?

  5. How do I create an Substitute Application?

  6. How do I create an Volunteer/Observer Application?

  • If you wish to Request an Open Records review of a reference(s) reply(s), that is included in your application, you will need to provide additional clarification about your request.

  • It is necessary for the Teacher Job Network to verify the authenticity of the Requestor.
  • Please use the following format and send an email to tjn@region10.org.
  • Be sure to add “Open Records Request” to the Subject Line of the email. The Open Records Request will not be processed until “Open Records Request” is in the email Subject line.

              Request by= (your name)
              PID = (your PID)
              Last four Digits of your SSN= (Last 4 digits of your SSN)

                    Reference 1 Name=
                    Reference 1 Email Address=
                    Reference 1 Phone Number=

                    Reference 2 Name=
                    Reference 2 Email Address=
                    Reference 2 Phone Number=

                    Reference 3 Name=
                    Reference 3 Email Address=
                    Reference 3 Phone Number=

    The PID can be found by clicking on the
    “What is my Personal Identification (PID) Number" section on WorkSpace